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frequently asked questions

My pool/spa is cloudy. What should I do?
The most important aspects of clean and clear water are as follows: Circulation, Filtration, and Sanitation. Increase your circulation and filtration times. Make sure your filter is clean and make sure your sanitizer levels are at the recommended levels and make sure your water is properly balanced.

How often should I perform spa maintenance and balance my water? 
It often depends on how much use your pool/spa gets. A good rule of thumb is to check your filters and balance your water weekly. If the pool/spa doesn't get a lot of heavy use, you might be able to get by with checking every two weeks.

What is the most natural form of sanitizer?
Mr. Pool offers a wide range of environmentally friendly sanitizers including salt water systems, which use common table salt and electrolysis to sanitize your pool/spa. We also offer the Nature2 mineral sanitizer, ozone, and ultraviolet light to sanitize pools and spas.

Why is cleaning and replacing my filter regularly important? When should I change my filter?
A clean filter removes the organics (dirt, lotion, etc.) that have been oxidized by the sanitizer. Without proper filtration, water clarity will suffer and clogged or dirty filters can keep your pool/spa from heating properly.

How often should I shock my pool?
There are many variable to consider when shocking your pool/spa, including bather load, pool/spa temperature, and water chemistry and balance. If your pool/spa uses chlorine, shocking is necessary if combined chlorine is present and if there is visible algae growth. When and how much shock to use is varies for each body of water.

When should I drain and refill my spa?
The need to drain and refill a spa is dependent on usage. A good rule of thumb is to drain and refill 2-4 times per year. It generally more cost effective to drain and refill a spa than it is to add excessive amounts of chemicals to old water.

Does draining my body of water harm the environment?
There is no standard answer for this. For a smaller body of a water, like a spa, if the water has been neutralized it should be okay. For larger bodies of water, like pools, it depends where and how. It is a good idea to check with your city or county regarding their rules and regulations regarding water draining.

Where should my water level be?
It is a good idea to keep the water at least halfway up the skimmer opening. If the level is too low, the pump will not be able to circulate and heat.

How long do spas last?
Much like any other major investment like a car or an appliance, the amount of proper car and maintenance will determine how long a spa will last.

My pool/spa is not heating. What should I do?
First, make sure the pump is circulating and the heater is on. Make sure the filters are clean. If the pool/spa still isn't heating, it is likely that the heater needs service.